Utilizing Software Engineer principles in dataland

I am working with partners as well as internally, to ensure code-driven security-first solutions in data engineering and platform engineering.

I aid district heating companies with building transparent, cross-department data platforms that simplify the day-to-day operations of data scientists while empowering everyday employees to take a data-driven approach. I try to push a domain-driven approach, ensuring that data products follow the terminology and ubiquitous language of the department. Ideally, I am to “teach a man to fish”, empowering local super-users to build data products themselves, following best practices, accessible to all relevant employees.

Internally, We’ve built strong security protocols to aim at state-of-the-art security regarding our remote-first setup. This includes developing tools for cryptographic signing and encryption.

I’ve facilitated various workshops, both internally and with partners; onboarding stakeholders, upskilling data-scientists in various software engineering principles, as well as retrospective and post mortems.